How to know if a person has gambling addiction

Gambling and gambling addiction are officially recognized as diseases. At the same time, the owners of the gaming business make a significant financial contribution to the study of this problem and its prevention. They are primarily interested in restoring the reputation of this type of leisure, restoring a positive image of elite recreation for gentlemen and ladies.

That is why reliable online casinos , in accordance with the legislation of most countries, and on their own initiative, have financial risk warnings and reminders on the pages of online establishments when to raise the alarm. A little self-test will let you decide if it’s time to take a break and close your favorite site at least for a while.

Loss of sense of time behind the monitor.

Games, including gambling, are still leisure activities that do not spend much time in life. If entertainment begins to occupy a significant part of the day, seriously affects the usual schedule, interferes with full sleep and household chores, you need to think about it. The first sign is the lack of an accurate understanding of how much time passed while the reels were spinning on the screen. In real casinos, in order to keep the customer in the room, for this purpose they specially cut out the windows and removed the clock. The modern gamer, who often sits on his own couch with the curtains open, shouldn’t have those feelings. If dawn has begun to come unexpectedly more and more frequently,

An unexplained decrease or increase in appetite.

Being too focused on the game is not something the brain does. If the body’s natural impulses began to fade into the background, it’s time to stop. The player does not remember when he last ate, or eats a portion mechanically, without even tasting the food and without looking up from the computer. Such symptoms are especially dangerous in combination with pizza or French fries, which suppress hunger. The first rule to prevent such addiction is to turn off the monitor completely, even during a coffee break.

Uncontrolled waste of money, debts

Gambling addiction is closely related to economic problems. In fact, the addict can replenish the account several times without summarizing the expenses in his head and without remembering the plans for these funds: the first modest victory that does not overlap with investments causes a feeling of euphoria, victory. A portion of adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. It seems to the player that he won, although the expenses have not yet been even partially covered.

Even if you win, there are no stops. The moment it pays to take profit and exit, the game continues. The brain, already addicted to this needle of adrenaline, demands a new portion, tempting to chase this fleeting victory again. This is the first stage of the real pathology: gambling addiction as a disease, depending on the dose of adrenaline.

In most countries, the number of replenishments per day is legally limited, and during verification, the player can indicate a critical amount. Afterwards, backfill access is blocked programmatically. In a casino where there are no such restrictions, you have to control yourself. The first step is to refuse to link a top-up card with a single click. Before entering a new password, you need to think about whether this money has been set aside for more important needs than pleasant, but still leisure.


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