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Most players distance themselves from online casinos as explicitly as a Bavarian brewmaster from American chemical beer. This is also understandable to some extent. However, there are some similarities and overlaps in both genres, which at first glance seem completely different.

At the beginning of our observations we want to go back a few years. In the 1970s, numbers and statistics hardly had a role in real sports in Germany. You only knew which footballer was fast and who could outrun the opponent on a beer coaster. Assist stats didn’t really exist. The stat craze that existed in American professional leagues was the subject of a rather tired smile in this country. We all know that a lot has changed since those days and that today almost all sports are overloaded with more or less interesting statistics.

Statistics are not only interesting in esports and casino games, but they often decide on victory or defeat. Of course, this is less true for simple slots. But if, for example, you are good at calculating odds and counting cards in certain game variants that you can often play for free, you can significantly reduce the house edge. Especially in live casinos, this can be a good luck charm. Of course, the same is true for the different poker variants.

Now many will say that this is not an eSport. Of course, this is also largely understandable, but we also want to make it very clear here that many people don’t consider chess a “real” sport either. However, today there is no longer a “real” professional sports club that can afford to do without a statistics department, which they use for their tactical orientations or for the search for young players.

The typical online casino does not exist

Even if there are thousands of online casinos today, one can hardly speak of a typical online casino. When a casino specialist inquires about the various online casino offerings, he will quickly discover that there are some important differences. Of course slots and table games are available everywhere. The tendency, especially with the big, well-known providers, is to push the boundaries. Many of the industry leaders also offer sports betting. Not only will you find the major European and American sports leagues, but you can also place bets on eSports. These bets are interesting for everyone who finds football too boring and a game takes too long.

eSports are very popular with bookmakers.

After League of Legends was officially recognized as a sport by the US government, it was a no-brainer for sports betting providers to include eSports in their programs. As a result, millions of esports fans around the world were not only able to watch live broadcasts on the Internet, but also actively bet on the outcome. Meanwhile, most bookmakers have Dota2 , CS:GO or SC2 in their program in addition to LoL. They have realized that eGamers are not just a small group of nerds.

With the entry of bookmakers, there was also a financial upturn for eSports. It is not uncommon for tournaments to be financially supported by online casinos and bookmakers, among others. This, of course, expands the possibilities of the organizers of this type of tournament and increases the prize money. However, only recently, when the FIFA European Championship18 was officially called Barcelona, ​​things did not always go well. Despite the big names involved, the event turned out to be a downright chaotic experience for esports players. Of course, you can forgive that for such a young sport, but if adapters are missing to connect the controllers to the consoles, you can really only accuse the organizer of amateurism. Unfortunately, all bets on the results had to be canceled starting with the semi-finals.

This question is, of course, legitimate. You have to be very careful with online casinos. As in all shops (online and offline), there are of course black sheep here too. While online casinos are not allowed to operate in Germany (with the exception of some licenses issued in Schleswig-Holstein), this is not a problem under EU law. If the providers have a valid EU license, this is a sign that it often comes from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The exact license numbers can usually be found at the bottom of the page.

To participate in eSports betting or other games offered in casinos, you must of course be registered with the respective casino. Of course you have to be of legal age to do this. To do this, operators usually request a copy of the DNI (scanned). Once the registration process is complete, you can begin. Here it pays to be smart about the various providers, because it is not uncommon to find a welcome bonus in the sports betting area where you get a few euros for free. Of course, this gift cannot be paid, but you can use it for your first bets. The exact terms are usually clearly visible to reputable providers. You cannot simply bet on victory or defeat.


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