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In this period of time, fraud, forgery, and sharp practices have advanced with the progression of online platforms. Growing acceptance of online casinos and insufficient regulations have made this platform vulnerable to scammers. As users’ gullibility feeds these unethical, opportunistic con artists, being well-informed about the working methods used in online casino scams can save us from going bankrupt.

Some strategies that online casino scammers use are,

  • Deposit thievery,
  • Using users’ patience as bait,
  • Generating adrenaline rush,
  • Compromised software and apps,
  • Identity theft,
  • Refusing money withdrawal

Deposit thievery:

Online casino scammers lure people into depositing through their websites or apps and run away with the money. Sometimes, they do not disappear with the money straight away. Instead, they let the user make a few withdrawals to garner their trust at first. Scammers who own this strategy are intended to loot a massive amount of money. Once they have successfully encouraged their targets to deposit more money, they disappear with the amount without any delay.

When the bait is users’ patience:

Another method of how online casino scammers work is that they encourage a mass to deposit a small amount with them and then make it hard for the users to withdraw the money. They deliberately lure people into depositing a small amount as it is easier to give up on cash when the amount is insignificant. They want users to get frustrated trying to withdraw their money and eventually surrender.

Generating adrenaline rush:

Sometimes, even legitimate online casinos deliberately let their participants win for some time in order to generate an adrenaline rush to win more money. They perpetrate these mischiefs with the help of rigged software’s. This strategy also does not go out of the list of online casino scams as it is one of the most unethical and unlawful practices that the online betting industries own. Sometimes they also run pirated versions of legitimate games.

Compromised software and apps:

Compromised software’s and apps from illegitimate operators pose the risk of ransom ware attacks. One may lose their essential files and documents forever in ransom ware attacks or may have to pay a fortune in order to get access back to their system. Therefore, it is always advisable to refrain from downloading online casino apps from unknown sources and to verify software before using them.

Identity theft:

Identity and personal information theft have become very common these days. All these scammers do is garner their users’ personal information via fictitious websites and sell them in the black market. It is hard to spot identity theft as a legitimate or illegitimate business as all of them demand users’ personal information for enrollment. The only way to prevent a casino scam is running an independent investigation before participating.

Refusing money withdrawal:

Online casino scam also occurs when scammers refuse to pay money won by the participants. They either simply refuse to let you withdraw the money, or they just do not answer your emails and phone calls. Scammers sometimes try to legitimize their scam by telling the winners that it comes under their terms and conditions policy. At times they actually mention it in their terms and conditions but make it very complex to comprehend thereby fooling the imprudent participants.

Spyware attacks:

Like ransom ware attacks, Spywares deployed by illegitimate online casinos through apps and websites insinuate into our devices. They steal our identity and other personal information through spyware and trade them in the black market or use them for their personal profit. Thus, it is important to opt for independent research before downloading any online casino apps and software’s It is also crucial that you do not provide any personal information to them unless you are certain about their legitimacy.


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