Online Casinos: Tips to Bet Safely

The popularity of online casinos has revolutionized gambling consumption around the world. People who had always dreamed of going to one of these game centers in its physical version but who had never had the option now have the possibility of visiting a virtual casino within reach of their computer and their phone , with a multitude of game options. traditional and innovative, with which to enjoy responsible leisure and, along the way, earn money.

For a better experience, the user must ensure that the online casino offers all security guarantees, both from a technological point of view and from the player’s experience. The choice of the virtual casino should not be limited to checking whether or not it has the best odds, or if it has that strange arcade game that no one else has. The user must also make sure that their data will be protected, that their deposits and payments are made safely, and that the casino has the necessary legal permissions to operate.


The user looking to bet in an online casino has to take a series of previous precautions. Although gambling houses like Betfair already offer all the guarantees, it never hurts to do some checking when looking for other options. The first thing that the bettor should check is if the online casino has the gaming license. Betfair, for example, operates in Colombia under the protection of Coljuegos.

Another minimum requirement to check is that the online casino site operates under the “https” protocol, which indicates that interactions on the web are secure. Similarly, when visiting a virtual casino, it is advisable to look for the Responsible Gaming and Safe Gaming seals on the site of the gaming house, which guarantee the collaboration of the casino with the authorities to prevent possible problems arising from gambling. Also, that the company has the relevant technological security certificates.

Betfair, for example, has the JuegaBien seal on its site, as well as the payment and deposit platforms known as Baloto, PuntoRed or the traditional Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Other virtual casinos offer the possibility of using PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies as a payment option. As in any other activity on the Internet, it is highly recommended that the user who decides to visit an online casino read the terms and conditions of the website, and the payment policies, bonuses and even the cookies and privacy policies. A good symptom is being able to find that information easily in the footer of the virtual casino website.

Especially important is to make sure you understand the conditions of use of welcome bonuses, which are one of the main access routes for new users to virtual casinos. Betfair offers a very attractive one to new users of its games of chance, with 50,000 pesos on the first deposit, and the possibility of promotional bonuses, such as the one that contributes 1,000 pesos a day for a month to registered players.


But security when visiting a virtual casino is not just technological. The bettor must verify that the house has measures to enjoy the game
responsibly. One of the tips that is always given to players is to know how to withdraw to reduce losses during a losing streak, or to be able to lose profits quickly after a chain of positive results. It is also advisable to control the time of the game sessions to avoid fatigue and, with it, errors of judgment when betting.

For this reason, virtual casinos like Betfair allow you to activate control measures in the user’s profile. Limitation of losses, control of the duration of the sessions, even voluntary self-exclusion from the bookmaker (temporary or definitive) are some of the measures that Betfair implements thanks to its vast experience as a gambling house since the year 2000.

Betfair is one of the best options available in the Colombian market when visiting a virtual casino. The user can also opt for the following gaming houses:
● 22 Bet Casino
● Europa Casino
● 888 Casino
● Karamba
● Betway Casino
● Codere


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