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The convenience and ease offered by an online casino are unmatched by the brick-and-mortar version. For this reason, these gambling platforms are quickly becoming the favorite of several casino players. This has led to the establishment of several online casinos and high competition among these gambling sites.

To attract customers, casinos employ the use of several attractive promotions, and one of such offers is bonuses that give gamblers value for deposits and boost bets. There are several types of online casino bonuses, all unique and serving different purposes. However, not every bonus is worth claiming, and that’s why we will be sharing some tips on how you can choose the right casino bonus for you.

Below are a few tips to guide you when choosing an online casino bonus.

Read Through Bonus Terms And Conditions

Online casinos in Latvia often include additional details about a bonus in the terms and conditions, and these details are a few hidden elements not displayed when the bonus was advertised. So it is always recommended you skim through these conditions before attempting to claim a bonus.

The essential condition for claiming a casino bonus is usually the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, and promotion restrictions. If you don’t go through the terms and conditions of a bonus, you wouldn’t know if it is worth claiming or not.

Check The Bonus Wagering Requirements

Casino bonuses are not freely given without a requirement, so cross-checking the wagering requirements is very important. Wagering requirements are also known as playthrough, and they dictate the number of times you are to play a bonus amount before winnings made from it can be withdrawn.

For instance, if you are given a bonus of any amount with a 50x wagering requirement attached to such bonus. You are expected to play the bonus 50 times before your winning can be accessed.

Wagering requirements also include conversion caps, the bonus amount that can be converted to real money, and game conversions, which indicate the contribution of certain games to a wagering requirement.

The Validity Period Of A Bonus

Online casino bonuses come with an expiration date. This is the period a bonus can be used, and they usually range between a few hours, days, and months. Bonuses with a short validity period pressure players into spending more than they intend to. Also, they make claiming a bonus almost impossible due to limited time.

Confirm Your Casino’s Eligibility

If you are new to an online casino site, it is best to consider the eligibility of the platform before signing up to claim a bonus. Offering an attractive bonus doesn’t make a casino site legit.

The legitimacy of an online casino is determined by the license it holds, for example, Curacao Gaming License. Reputable casinos obtain licenses from governmental authorities or recognized independent authorities and sometimes from both.

Ensure You Are Conversant With The Games Applicable To A Bonus

Some bonuses are only applicable to certain games. For example, a bonus fund can be offered to play Roulette; however, if you have no experience playing Roulette or prefer slots, the bonus is of no use to you.

So, you should ensure you are conversant with the games eligible for a bonus before claiming such an offer.


Casino bonuses are often flashy and engaging, even when they aren’t worth claiming. However, when chosen right, it is of advantage to gamblers. This is why players shouldn’t be swayed by attractive bonus offers without scrutinizing them with the above-listed tips.



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